Weydo M8! - Mind Map Pipes to Houses
Swiss App Awards Best Of Swiss Apps
Swiss App Awards Best Of Swiss Apps
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"Science & Education"
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c't win8apps ilovefreesoftware
"This app supports Windows 8 users to get to like Mind Maps." "Whether you're starting a new project, be it a new business, or you just have a difficult homework (this works pretty awesome for history), then this awesome tool will help you in your Windows 8 device, as well." "M8! Mind Map is really handy Windows 8 mind mapping app. It’s extremely helpful in brainstorming."
Best Windows 8 Mind Mapping Software in the store Awesome...so happy! Good simple app
"By far the most elegant user experiences from visuals to manipulation of all the available mind map software and a nice amount of on going development." "Great app guys. Keep em coming!!! I use mind map all the time and couldn't wait for something for the surface. Bravo!" "This app is easy to use, simple and bright. Really useful for revision + whatever else you need to do really. 5 Stars."
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